this blog is no longer in use. i'm very sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.

we had a good run, and i'm glad i could put a smile on so many faces. thank you for putting up with me and staying along for the ride.

it's no one's fault if you're looking for someone to blame for the official death of this blog. the only one to blame is myself for running out of the imagination and patience necessary to run this blog.

i hope you have a lovely day; please remember to smile and take care of yourself. you're beautiful inside and out and even if it feels like no one would ever think that, i do. i believe in you, i know you're worth more than you feel you are, and i love you. sometimes you may get sad and that's okay. we all get sad. all i ask is that sometimes you smile, if not for your sake, then smile for me, the sad little kid who promises to believe in you until the end of the world and then some.

if you want to see the posts on this blog still, you can add /mobile to the end of the url.

thank you for being you. if there's one thing that i could ever want you to take from this blog, it's that you're alive and i love you. good night.